Tuesday, September 3, 2019


Sedo is one of the largest domain companies online that provides the clients with a large variety of domain services. The most popular services in Sedo is domain listing, sales services, and domain parking services. Besides they provide registrations, domain valuations, brokerage services, portfolio management, and a lot more. Sedo is the largest umbrella in domain listing services with more than 800000 users and marketing more than 14 million domain names on their site. Generally, most names are listed for sale with a straight fee. There is also room for negotiations on names listed for sale and these domains are sold via Sedo’s premium auctions.

If you want to sell your domain name, sign up for a free account on this site and list your name, as it is with other sites, Sedo too takes a percentage on all completed sales. Sedo also provides a unique service called Sedo Pro that caters to the more active and higher valued domain portfolio owners. One of the disadvantages of Sedo is that their escrow fee is very high.