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PNet is the leading online e-Recruitment Service Provider in South Africa. As a member of the internationally recognised SAON Group, we have access to global knowledge and resources of an e-Recruitment multinational.

A brief history
Established in 1997
Over 2 365 000 Professional Job Seekers
Over 12,000 Recruiters (Users)
"Enabling and evolving e-Recruitment.
Founded in 1997, PNet is the leading online e-Recruitment Service Provider in South Africa. As a member of the internationally recognised SAON Group, we have access to global knowledge and resources of an e-Recruitment multinational"

Over the years, we have built one of South Africa's largest online recruitment communities, pioneering a range of e-Recruitment Solutions. It now stands at over 12000 recruiters and over 2 365 000 professional job seekers. And it's growing at pace.

PNet provides a professional online space for you to differentiate yourself from your competitors and establish your company as an attractive place to work.

When we pioneered online e-Recruitment in 1997, our vision was to create a single web-based facility for recruitment agents, corporates and job seekers alike. By providing anywhere, anytime access to online jobs and professional CVs; a superior and easy to utilise search facility we hope to add great value to both recruitment agents, corporate businesses and to job seekers careers.

Besides our website which attracts over 1, 600 000 unique visits a month, applicants can apply anytime, anywhere to your vacancy through our mobi site and smartphone applications.

With over 9 000 clients, we are the leading e-recruitment service provider in South Africa. Our reputation for excellence is a result of combining cutting-edge technology and superior online job search functionality.

Recruitment Agencies access an impressive range of over 2 365 000 (over 300 000 added in the last 9 months) professional CVs. Our extensive database grows daily and our site averages 25 million page impressions, derived from over 1 600 000 unique visitors per month.

We provide corporate South Africa access to unique and simple to use e- Recruitment tool set; the right employee delivered directly to their inbox.

Our vision is to provide an innovative and superior world-class online e- Recruitment service. We continually re-invent ourselves and our solutions to ensure our online environment and infrastructure remains at the cutting-edge and that we as an organization are thought leaders in e-recruitment.

We promise to deliver our service with pride, honesty, integrity and passion. It's what makes us professionals in this industry. We have the experience, the expertise and the enthusiasm to help Corporate Companies find the right employees; Recruitment Agents find the right candidate and Job Seekers find the right job.

Unrivalled support
At PNet we understand the importance of customer care and our Support Centre provides you with the necessary assistance, whatever your need is. Our support is available both telephonically and electronically via the web or e-mail.

PNET has been measured in terms of the Qualifying Small Enterprises Scorecard and obtained a Level 5 B-BBEE Status. Any procurement from PNET can be claimed at a rate of 80% of any qualifying spend.

CSI Initiatives
Our CSI initiatives are focused on education based projects, with a special emphasis on helping learners to gain a proper education to assist in reducing the skills shortage we are experiencing in South Africa today and to ensure that they can compete in the highly competitive job market we operate in today.

Change the World Trust (CTW).

CTW was established in 2009 to breach the gap between skills development and incessant Youth Unemployment, and it strives to uplift communities and eradicate poverty through IT based socio-economic development programs. The organisation aims to give young South Africans a second chance at life, by equipping them with technology skills that will boost their economic potential.

PNet sponsors the Diepsloot ICT training center. In the past 6 months, the center has run 10 school workshops and over 150 IT training courses. During this period the center doubled the attendance of unemployed young students, increased ICT programmes and engaged with numerous local schools, public sector clinics, libraries and other youth NPO's in the area.

Join our team

PNet is more than just South Africa's leading employment website! 76 enthusiastic people work very hard to deliver the best possible results for our customers and job seekers alike. This passion is shared and lived by everyone in the company.

We are a young and dynamic team from all walks of life but everything we do has one goal: to accurately match the best candidates with the best companies. This is what we do every day – it's what we love doing and it's what we're good at.