Thursday, April 18, 2019

Axel Technology

Axel Technology is the leading Manufacturer Italian Broadcasting company for professional radio and television solutions since 1996. It was founded in Bologna by Giuseppe Vaccari, who brought his large experience and began to expand his company rapidly all over the world and over the years Axel Technology has also continued to consolidate its position as the leading manufacturer of solutions from the broadcasting field. Innovation, research and development are the main sources of a competitive presence in the worldwide market. Axel Technology's equipment and solutions are present in over 120 nations thanks also to a widespread sales network.
Axel Technology's extended know-how is based on the large experience as system integrator, and allows the designing of complex turn-key systems, in order to interface different equipment in an easy way, that gives the clients the most efficient and price competitive working systems ever. Radio studios with multiple control rooms, multi-channel video logging systems, single or multi-channel radios and TV automation systems are currently delivered in Italy and abroad. The delivering and installation services, together with the on-site training of local operators and the online support services, are a strong part of Axel Technology's business. As strongly market-oriented, Axel Technology's business is mainly focused on customer requests, in order to be the first to design, manufacture and trade tomorrows broadcast solutions. Every year, in fact, a large percentage of the turnover is reinvested in research. Today, Axel Technology's sales & marketing network is spread throughout the world, with constant presence at the main international trading fairs, such as IBC, NAB, Broadcast Asia, CABSAT etc, and its technical staff provides multi-language training and support for maximum customer satisfaction. We at Axel Technology regard complete customer satisfaction as our guiding principle.